Mothers... You Are Powerful!

Growing up, many of us can probably remember playing "House" with our friends or siblings. The cutest guy (or the eldest brother) was of course, always Dad and the bossiest of the girls was often always Mom. Everyone else, by default would be the kids/siblings or if you were creative, the nosey neighbor(s)! But for those of us who got to play Mom, we knew we had the coolest job of all!

You see, being Mom meant wearing many, many hats...doing many different jobs ...and taking charge! Depending on the house you were brought up in, you might've seen mom as Chef and Nurse, or Chef, Nurse and Mechanic, or Breadwinner, Mechanic and Counselor or all of the above...and most times ...all at the same time!

Regardless of your home environment, watching mom play many roles, do many things, wear many hats, was quite fascinating, and was the next best thing to watching a super hero in action!

In fact, much like Super Woman... who wore her "S" on her chest proudly, mom had many powers. The Power to heal, the Power to fix things, the Power to juggle many things, the Power to empathize, the Power to console, the Power to protect. Mom was in fact very Powerful.

What we didn't know growing up, however, was how much seeing our mom in action would impact us in our adult life.

Vixen Company's brand is built on the very idea of the dynamic, ever evolving woman, and her many, many facets and transformations. And the beauty to be able to transform and adapt when the moment required it, rising to the occasion each and every time. Whether it be for her children, husband, community, business, or nation; Moms from all over...step up to the plate...and make it happen.

So today, moms, we celebrate you as we should everyday, in all that you do, and all that you are.
Continue to shine, transform, and Simply Become. An Extension of You.

We're watching!